Japanese AV Yuri Shinomiya lesbian cunnilingus

Japanese AV Yuri Shinomiya lesbian cunnilingus

My name is Yuri, now I work as a system engineer for a telecommunications company in Indonesia, the story goes like this. One morning I was called by an old friend of mine named Herry, who had just come from Bandung for a purpose.

It so happened that at that time I had no college, so I was free to go anywhere. Arriving there it turned out that my friend had been waiting in his room for a long time, and I went in, but not long after, Herry said goodbye if he had an appointment to go to his friend’s office on Jl. Rasuna Said and I waited in his room until Herry returned.

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It turns out that waiting is a very annoying, did not seem to have an hour I moved the television channel from CNN to STAR TV, but everything felt boring, so that one time the bell in the room rang, ting tong … ting tong, lazy I opened the door. Seen a woman’s body with a height of approximately 167 cm with a span skirt and work clothes, sexy with a chest I think around 36B.


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